Saturday, March 29, 2008

for the first time

Yesterday, I stood up for myself. I didn't back down. I stood my ground. I get so tired of people trying to run me over. I don't know if it is because I am quiet some of the time or if my niceness gives me away. I take things personally. There are some just business conversations, but journalism is personal to me. I will take offense if someone rips it a new one if I have been working hard for weeks.
I get so tired of people who are closed-minded. Some people just can't agree to disagree. They can't listen to other people's point of view. At least acknowledge that you are listening not just hearing me.
The search for summer is looking... interesting. Another grad school said no, so there's only one application still out there - the school I really want to go to... I *think* it's still early for internships, but the paid one still hasn't said no yet, so I'm still praying.
Life is going to be hard for the people that can't realize that this business doesn't tailor itself around you. It's the team, the team, that makes the product.