Friday, February 29, 2008

just to hang up the phone

I went to the post office, mailed out three applications.. I have six more to go (which I want to finish this weekend.) Tomorrow I am going shopping; I desperately need a pair or two of jeans and a nice winter coat (yay sales!) and of course, a chickfila sandwich.
Today I need to balance my checkbook, do my wrist exercises and clean (again).
Off to another day of doing practically nothing... hooray quarter break!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

at that particular time.

I am worried about internships. I'm only applying to a few internships in large markets... so.. I just don't know. It kinda freaks me out - here I am, small town girl, trying to make it in the top 10 markets. I have back up plans (3 grad schools decisions still out, Orlando.... New Orleans.) But I kinda know why they are back up plans.
I love deadlines... and Priority Mail. Good morning to the post office!
Today I started physical therapy on my arm. Damn journalism for making me type. Apparently, I have dreadfully weak arms. With the repetitive typing motions, I'm screwed. So I get to do exercises next to the senior citizens, while my physical therapist intern is younger than me. God, I'm old. So, yeah.. twice a week. Fun stuff.. working my wrists by looking like a hamster. *And* I got more muscle relaxers (yay). So maybe I can finally get off the free samples and into a prescription.
I need to figure out which of the remaining 15ish stations... if I am actually going to apply.. and the deadline...
(please NOT March 1)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I met my journalism icon at a journalism conference.
I shook, I was nervous ( I didn't stutter, SCORE!) and I nervously put my head on his chest.
SIGH*** (does the head on the chest count as flirting? I think so.)
I told him about my grandma, we had a nerd second about demos.
My next column is so going to be about him, unless i chicken out.

I'm still not on the ground. I keep staring at the picture. It happened. It's all happening.