Thursday, February 28, 2008

at that particular time.

I am worried about internships. I'm only applying to a few internships in large markets... so.. I just don't know. It kinda freaks me out - here I am, small town girl, trying to make it in the top 10 markets. I have back up plans (3 grad schools decisions still out, Orlando.... New Orleans.) But I kinda know why they are back up plans.
I love deadlines... and Priority Mail. Good morning to the post office!
Today I started physical therapy on my arm. Damn journalism for making me type. Apparently, I have dreadfully weak arms. With the repetitive typing motions, I'm screwed. So I get to do exercises next to the senior citizens, while my physical therapist intern is younger than me. God, I'm old. So, yeah.. twice a week. Fun stuff.. working my wrists by looking like a hamster. *And* I got more muscle relaxers (yay). So maybe I can finally get off the free samples and into a prescription.
I need to figure out which of the remaining 15ish stations... if I am actually going to apply.. and the deadline...
(please NOT March 1)

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