Sunday, April 13, 2008

I believe love is the answer

I think I've had about 20 life crises since the last entry.
D.C. sounded like they loved me. They are going to tell me mid to late this week yay or nay.
The plans in my head are getting complicated. I cry at the drop of a pin.
Anyway, this week I will decide whether it's DC or Florida.. at least for the summer. Then I think at the end of the summer I will re-evaluate and see which path to take.
We shall see.
The struggles make me stronger.


((since this is in double parentheses it doesn't mean anything, but I need to say it. I wish I had someone to help make this decision with. Someone who would be going with me, going wherever I went. Someone to help with the transition. Someone to lean on. End lonely moment.))

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