Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fears and freakouts.

It feels good:
  • to be the only intern who knows how to make coffee.
  • to be the only intern who knows how to sort the mail.
  • to be the intern called on to send stuff to other offices.
  • to be able to write a letter on a complex subject in 10 minutes.
  • to feel a chill in the air in June.
  • to finally pay my parking ticket.
  • to be one of those people who can read and listen to music and not miss their station.
  • to be able to call tourists, without sounding like a tourist myself.
  • to get a thumbs up.
  • to listen to U2 on the Metro - badass.
  • to finally eat the chicken, broccoli and cheese sandwich I've been craving.
  • to finally have pizza and ACTUAL sweet tea.
  • to listen to Alanis in the morning.
  • to have a work crush.

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