Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm on my lunch break, the only time of the day I really get stuff done since I hate making phone calls in front of people. I literally wait until the whole newsroom is in the morning meeting to make my phone calls or wait until lunch to come to my apartment. (Another fun people anxiety factoid: the bathroom is right of the newsroom in this place, and you can hear the toilets flush from the newsroom, hence I've never gone there. Whatageek.)
I don't know what's wrong with me anymore. I sleep at least 10 hours a night but I have to drag myself out of bed.
What happened to me? I used to get by on 3-4 hours tops, waking at 3 a.m.
What's the dealio?
Tonight I resume the grad school process. I will finish at least one today, and e-mail LoR writers. I will. dammit.
I've forgotten how to be productive somewhere between all these pointless stories I write.
Only five more days until a week off.. and then I promise to be a good journalist in the new year.

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hodge said...

YAY for a week off. I think it's ok to be unproductive for a few weeks or even a month or two at a time. You'll probably get an assignment soon that will motivate you.