Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't freaking chant U.S.A. - that's for all of you.

Why is the media saying Palin won? If you mute, Biden won. If you keep the sound on, Biden won.
Everything she threw, he hit grand slams. Sure, Palin got a few in, but that's because she focused on Biden's Senate record. Palin didn't hurt the Dem ticket.. she saved herself and proved that she could stand up to the "Washington insiders" Biden did a good job of doing what was expected of him. The tear moment was not overdone - not like Hillary's at all.
People, working in Congress, you can't vote for everything. These omnibus bills they pass are usually full of crap that either party hates or loves. THAT'S WASHINGTON.
McCain is good. He's got a strong record, he's been around the block, which is one of the things I like (since being in DC, you understand how gov't works). McCain does have to carry the GOP ballot if they are to win... though he is as Cokie Roberts says "a boring white guy."
Obama is good. He's got that JFK quality, he's bringing a new generation to the voting booth. After being to a rally as part of the press pen, for me, he comes off on tv, but not in person. Obama seems uninterested when you're 20 feet from him. Either that, or the man needs a nap. The whole "change" thing is lost on me. DC doesn't change because of the color in office. DC only changes when it has to, and even though the economy sucks, it's not sucky enough. DC is a town of people who don't change. So many people keep their jobs after administration changes, that not much can change, unless BOTH PARTIES WORK TOGETHER.
Palin - give her some years in DC (in Congress) and ask me again. I'm sorry, but I need someone with DC experience in the WH. It's just how DC is. She skirted every question back to her comfort zone. Her job in this campaign is to be the energy to McCain's experience (much like Biden's experience to Obama's energy - though he's got some experience). She seems to TV sports reporter to me.. I seriously thought she was reading the teleprompter to me. You may be the outsider, but that just means you don't know how Washington works. And if you don't know how Washington works, McCain would have to give you remedial lessons. Good job handlers.
Biden - he's got the most solid experience in both tickets. He can be tough, he can be squishy (see almost tear during debate). He can give people the "boring white guy" but he can also give voters the comfort zone/safety, and light the fire under the Senate, so maybe he can do it for the executive branch.
Can we switch up the tickets after the conventions? I'll take a Clinton/Biden (either way) ticket versus a McCain/Pence (HOR, represent!) ticket please.
Though this whole election is who will bring "change" to Washington, voters must know that there is some things you can't leave to chance. Washington, no matter how much we hate it, can't change that much. Sorry folks.

Can I write-in my votes? or just get two new tickets?

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Comma Splice said...

The only thing Palin won was a sure-fire way to get my blood pressure sky-high. The amount of horse shit coming out her mouth was enough to fertilize every farm in Arkansas. However, I don't hate her as much as I hate the people who thought she would be a good VP - I think she's a tool for their ridiculous political strategies, and that makes me sad.