Tuesday, September 30, 2008

that particular time.

How I wish you were here...
((i'm not that great of a journalist.. i almost used "chuckled" today. where have my writing skills gone? end rant)))

out to the 'burg tomorrow... it's weird, this traveling journalist thing.. i feel trapped and free at the same time.

i'm trying to fight the cloud that is my fall/winter annual depression. i'm not to the scary part yet, but there were moments today when the cloud was definitely there. my choice of music tells of the depression - all i want is pink floyd and alanis. hopefully, i won't get to the point where u2 can't save me. i guess it's good that i'm recognizing it, not like three years ago, when i thought all was lost.

i took a nap today after work, though i had an excuse with my migraine, it was needed. i love those naps, though i could have dealt without the pain.

i guess as long as you can still feel.

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Comma Splice said...

I like your layout too. I wish I could grow an orchid. Damn tempermental plant.