Monday, September 1, 2008

roy orbison

I think I broke my mp3 player. I'm going to try what the gods of Google say to do - bang it against a dresser - tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to wait until I get my next paycheck to get a new one.

I didn't eat dinner.... I guess you can really save money if you skip a couple meals now and then. I need to wake up early tomorrow so I can eat a good breakfast and make my lunch. I finally got fajita chicken strips, so I'm going to eat those along with some mixed greens I got.. and I need to finish off my jar of spaghetti sauce before I move.

Give me til then to give up this fight.

I don't know where this road leads. I don't know anything really. But I know that somehow I'll make it through, just like I have before. Just like I made it through not being able to walk, my eyesight scare, being heartbroken, driving to Orlando, the winter quarter depressions, driving to DC, living in DC...
This boat isn't sinking. Cast away those doubts.

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