Tuesday, January 27, 2009

there goes...

I really feel ready to go back to grad school. I don't know if it's because the journalism job market sucks right now, I've gotten restless again or because I can't stand being in a winter climate anymore.
I was reading a reporter's memoir, and she said if you don't wake up and immediately try and find out what happened while you were sleeping, you shouldn't be a journalist.
I do wake up, turn on NPR and then flip through the news channels (which never show NEWS in the morning anymore). But I'm so sick of writing fluffy features. I groaned doing it in college.
I've been stuck on one story forever, because I literally don't want to write it. I'll write a graph, and since it IS fluff, I become disgusted at myself. But there's no other way to write it! gah!
Anyway, my main way of keeping myself sane for the last month or so is frequenting used books stores and saving the good government, politics and journalism books from the tomb of the stores.
I miss government. I miss knowing the answers to what people were asking me, I miss having lunch on the clock... I miss it.
I know I had to leave when I did, I HAD to.. but I'm really ready for this gig to be over. I know people are losing their jobs left and right (we get word of them before you do) and I should be thankful I'm getting a paycheck, but I guess I'm just not a daily journalism girl.
Maybe if I hibernate in grad school for a couple of years while working a brain-dead job in gov't I could get over this hump...

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hodge said...

I'm thinking it's the cold weather. Nothing seems right in cold weather.