Wednesday, February 11, 2009

let's just say it was a bad day at work.

Rihanna = me
Chris Brown = journalism.

Just when I was getting in a groove, finishing a project a day, WHAM!
Chris Brown knocks me a good one.

He says to me, "feeling successful? wanted? productive? TAKE THIS!"
And pushes me against the wall.
He says your friends leave, you'll never get to where you need to be.
And busts my lip.
He puts me in uncomfortable situations, just to see how I will react - pushes my buttons because he thinks it's fun.

And I let him. I say, taunt me with over-confident people with perfect noses and tans. I let him get into my brain. I let him convince me I am not worth it.
But it's not all my fault. He teases me.
He lets me grasp moments of hope, moments of bliss. He lets me have moments of pure freedom.. right before he slaps my face and tells me to get over it.

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