Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm currently waiting for the DC DMV's hotline to open up, so I can ask them about 20 annoying questions, but until then I'm going to annoy you.
I feel that anxiety in my chest right now, just like I always do when I'm about to make any "big" decision.
I've got to call my future landloard and haggle. Which consists of me begging if she can lower the price.
I'm honestly also freaking out about the parking situation. Bethel II (I might start calling her Bethesda) is a bitch. She's rude to me, but I try and take care of her. Hopefully I won't get too many tickets as I wait to get my DC permit. Maybe the parking garage gods will be good to me. As my current permit runs out in two days.

God, some days I don't want to be old anymore.

Did I say I cried at work last week? Yep. I'm such a freakin' girly girl.

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