Saturday, May 30, 2009

my old friend

I'm thinking about hosting an experiment.

I might give up teevee for the summer.

OK, get up off the floor and find your dropped jaw.

I've been wanting to read more (thanks to awesome book sales) and my excuse to not read is usually in the form of mindless tv.

I need to figure out the rules of this experiment (like I have to be able to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 any time it's on - and C-SPAN) but I just might do it.

I mean, hell's bells - if Dubya can read a book a week, why can't I?

Currently Reading: War Reporting for Cowards by Chris Ayres (via big book sale at old Circuit City)


Amy said...

You do know that you can read on commercials, right?

newsie said...

Yes, but I usually can't concentrate during commercials!