Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warning: Not for children.

I f-ing HATE the DMV and a certain town.
You know those speedtrap little towns along the highway? Apparently this town wants to make money off of every person they talk to.
A person using a name similar to mine, decides to not show up and not pay a speeding ticket.
That bitch.
Somewhere, it gets crossed with my info, nevermind that I hadn't TOUCHED the state in months.
I send them info, they tell me nothing.
Was I supposed to assume that I needed to wipe their butts by following up with them? Isn't the law enforcement supposed to TELL people when they are in trouble??
Aren't they supposed to be a public servant? Helping the public? 
And the courts, aren't they supposed to assume you're innocent until proven otherwise? Aren't they supposed to want to HELP people with their problems?????????

If the last job on earth was the DMV and this city court, I'd gladly live on the streets.

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