Tuesday, August 26, 2008

cat poop.

So, (crap, why do I start everything with "So,"?) I'm house/cat-sitting for my landlord. Which went well Sunday (fed cat) and Monday (fed cat, watered front yard), but today..
it's gone to poo.
I should explain that the landlord is having the house painted, so there's a painter guy in and out of here while I'm at work.
Being a guy, he leaves his stuff everywhere, without minding to clean up behind himself.
The cat's litter box is in the half-bath on the ground floor, and after using the bathroom, which he didn't flush (GROSS), he went on to leave the light on, BUT close the door.
So the cat pooed on the floor, and yours truly has to clean it up. I don't like cats. They are not fluffy and squishy. They are mean and might eat me while I'm asleep. I think those Siamese cats in "Lady and the Tramp" have scarred me. Anyway, I only saw the before mentioned cat poop after sitting down to eat.
I have a weak stomach. I can barely wash my dishes after dinner because I'm that quick of a gag reflex. And of course, I was starving for dinner, so I had a huge meal. Pasta, then weirdly a bowl of cereal, and then a cupcake.
And now I have to clean up cat poo. Seriously?
In other news, I have to get out of this city. I'm so ready. There are currently hooligans hanging out on the street, which isn't fun, when your car is parked out there.
I hate it sometimes, like now.
Anyway, I've called about apartments, and I've got a few options. I just want to have tv and internet as soon as I move in, which you have to be careful about.
When I went to the DC United game last weekend, I thought about how different life could be. How you make one decision and then nothing really happens, but your life forms.
I used to play soccer, I actually loved it. When RPAR stopped having leagues for my age, I had to quit. In P.E. during 8th grade, we had to play soccer in front of the high school coach, and I was one of the two (out of the entire grade) that he wanted for the team.
I don't know why I didn't try out. But instead of going to soccer practice after school, I went to my television, watching news. It's been about 10 years that I've been watching. At first, I didn't watch because I wanted it to be my career, or that I had to know every breaking story. I watched for the fun of it. Which is what I've been doing for the last two weeks, watching for fun. Which is weird. Because I've gotten so used to critiquing news, that it's hard for me to appreciate it. I can appreciate newspaper articles, magazine layouts, but it's really hard for me to love a newscast. Because I always see the faults, but I guess since it's live, there are hazards.
But oh, what could have been, had I stayed with soccer. But I never would have been nerdy about Shep.
On the House floor today, there was a tall glass of water. Seriously, this guy was beautiful. Sigh. I've done really good not having any DC crushes (besides a Capitol Police or two ;)). So I guess I'm allowed one my last two weeks.
Shep just said balls. On the internet. :D

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