Sunday, August 24, 2008

give us faith so we'll be safe.

I haven't listened to Josh Groban in forever. But today was a day where some Groban was needed.

I went to church, which I miss my home church in Louisiana. It's weird that you have to search for a church that reminds you of the church you grew up in, because that's what you are used to and feels comfortable. Hopefully, I can find a good church in Roanoke.

Today I spoiled myself. After church, I went to Chipotle. The last time I had Chipotle was in South Orlando with an editor. It was so good, but I guess the Florida sun adds something to it.
Then I went to Coldstone. Which, holy cow, is so stinking good. God forgive me for all the fat grams I ate today. I had cake batter ice cream (which I highly recommend), mixed with brownies and Reese's. I think I fainted from sugar rush. SO. GOOD. I'm glad there's one close to Roanoke. I will have to try the cookie dough ice cream next time.

My faith sure has been strengthened this summer. It's essential to know that there's someone there with you, even when you feel a deep loneliness. I love knowing that God has everything lined up for me already, I just have to follow along. I completely believe in guardian angels now. Others can think of them as coincidences, but I'll go with angels. All the people who helped me figure this city out... who took me under their wings, even if it was only for a few seconds. I've been pulled from the wreckage. As the memories seep from my veins to my photo albums, I know I've found comfort.

Spend all your time waiting/For that second chance/For a break that would make it okay/ There's always one reason/To feel not good enough/ And its hard at the end of the day/ I need some distraction/Oh beautiful release/ Memory seeps from my veins/Let me be empty/
And weightless and maybe/ I'll find some peace tonight